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Welcome to the C.O.W.B.O.Y. (Cock-eyed Old West Band of Yahoos) Society.

When cowboys still trailed cattle north out of Texas and the Strip, the railroad offered special Cowboy rates for the trip home and the Kansas Cowboy newspaper offered reading material related to Cowboy interests of the day. All over the country, we're seeing a resurgence in recreating the Cowboy life of old. What better way to keep track of today's Cowboy interests than in the pages of the Kansas Cowboy!

Perhaps like you, I grew up on Hoppy, Gene, and Roy. Once, my frantic mother called all the neighbors looking for her lost son. Three quarters of a mile away, a little Cowpoke trotted up the neighbor's drive on his trusty stick horse. Just ridin' over to chat a spell!!
I grew up wishing I could live where the Cowboys lived. Ridin', ropin', and shootin' all day. Savin' the town from the outlaws or driving steers up the trail from Texas. Sure, we had cows and I learned a few tricks from some oldtime Cowboys, but I guess it was all that farm ground and ridin' 'round and 'round on Dad's old John Deere tractor that clouded my mind.

Fact was, I was living smack dab in the middle of one of the greatest Cowboys' states in the nation! The last few years of research have reinforced my belief that our history teachers have rarely served us well. Hopefully, the pages of the Kansas Cowboy will bring to us all a new understanding and a fuller awareness of the important role the Cowboy played in the building of a country.
Today's Cowboy carries a tradition held fast for generations. While the world seems to be collapsing in chaos and confusion, honesty and integrity lives in the handshake of the Cowboy enthusiast. If they only say one thing about the C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society, let it be... "They believed in the Cowboy Way!"

For a mere $18.67 we not only have a lot of fun, C.O.W.B.O.Y.S. receive the Kansas Cowboy six times a year and enjoy special prices on clothes and gear at the Drovers Mercantile in Ellsworth, Kansas. Just as they did in 1873, punchers can buy goods knowin' that the Old Reliable House will treat 'em right.

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