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We're History! The Kansas Cowboy has been discontinued after nearly 20 years of publication.

Featured Drovers From Past Issues

  • Captain E. B. Millett - Capt. Millett ran a "tough outfit" all over the great plains.
  • Major Seth Mabry - Seth Mabry always said he would shave his beard when he made a million dollars!
  • John Nathan Hittson - "The Life & Times Of Cattle Jack...", A man who was truly a legend in his own time.
  • Sol West - - The long trail wasn't so glamorous & romantic in the face of a "Late Spring Norther".
  • Tom Waggoner - Tom Waggoner wanted to run the best cow herd and the best horses in Texas.
  • George W. Miller - The world famous 101 Ranch was built with the best Cow hands trailing cattle from Texas to Kansas.


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