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Major Seth Mabry

March 2002

Seth's father ran a hotel in Bastrop, Texas but he also operated a cattle ranch. Being rasied around cattle from his youth allowed Seth to develop a seemingly natural talent for working with cattle and horses.  
He served in the 17th Texas Volunteer Infantry durning the Civil War and quickly returned to ranching when the war was over.  
Mabry first drove to Abilene, Kanas in 1869 on the Chisholm Trail. His reputation attracted the attention of Capt. Eugene Millett in 1871 leading the two to form a partnership that would last for many years.  
On the streets of Ellsworth in 1873 the partners were suprised by a shotgun blast from Billy Thompson. The gun accidently discharged just at their feet narrowly missing the drovers. Before the day was over another accidental discharge of that same shotgun killed Sheriff Chauncey Whitney. 
Mabry operated all over the plains, selling cattle in Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas. He partnered with such men as George Littlefield, Ike Pryor, and Bud Driscoll.  
His Cowboys were often men of dangerous temperment. Several disputes between Cowboys and townspeople originated with Mabry Cowboys. Kearney, Nebraska, was the scene of a dispute that came to be known as the Kearney War.  
At his peak, Major Mabry had cattle interests from the Llano River of Texas to the Niobrara River of Nebraska. He was the epitome of the term "Cattle King".


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