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Captain E. B. Millett

May 1999

In the Fall of 1861,the firm of Newel & Carson hired Millett to fulfill a contract with the Confederacy for 1,500 Texas Beeves. Linsay Carson was the half-brother of Kit Carson. The semi-wild steers averaged 1200 pounds and were rounded up from the open range west of San Antonio.  
On a clear moonlit night the herd stampeded. Many years later the aging Capt. Millett recalled, "I shall never forget the impression this, the first stampede I had ever seen, made on me... Nothing can exceed the awe and grandeur of a stampeded herd in its sudden fright until completely worn out." 
Capt. Millett became one of the first to drive cattle north following the Civil War. He hired men who could take care of themselves and the herd. Along with Major Seth Mabry the firm of Millett & Mabry was known as a "tough outfit" because of the men that were hired. Capt. Millett continued driving on the Chisholm Trail and the Western Cattle Trail through 1875. That year he and partners Major Seth Mabry, Col. James Ellison and John O. Dewees drove a total of 102,000 head of cattle over the trails to markets in the north.


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