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The Kansas Cowboy

Kassi and The Cowboy have been busy the last couple of weeks getting the next Kansas Cowboy paper ready to go. We got it in the mail yesterday. There is always a little pause after we finish up a new issue, but this time it doesn’t look like there will be much of one. Seems like time has been getting harder to manage as I get older.  
The new edition features George W. Miller, trail-driver and founder of the famous 101 Ranch that eventually evolved into the greatest of all wild west shows. While researching the story I ran across many references to Hunnewell, Caldwell, Baxter Springs, and Winfield, Kansas. We carried a story on Baxter Springs in the last issue. We’ve done a number of Caldwell stories in the past.  
Kansas Jack and The Cowboy took a day to travel to Winfield, Hunnewell and Caldwell to gather information. Our trips are always GREAT fun!! I really like discovery and each trip across Kansas brings LOTS of discovery! Winfield was headquarters for the Miller family as they developed the 101 on the reservation land in Indian Territory. Hunnewell at the end of the trail was a passionately wild cattletown. Hunnewell had no famous lawman to control the wild Cowboys. Hurrahing the town and shooting out windows and lights was a common pastime. The story of Hunnewell was extremely interesting to research and write.  
C.O.W.B.O.Y. #185, Kyle McCray, sent us a copy of the memoirs of his Cowboy ancestor, Jacob J. Ellison. Lucille Ruby Ellison Gasper edited the original hand-written copy and added additional family information. Jake Ellison’s memories were very exciting to me as he provided information that had previously been a mystery to me. Jake’s information has allowed me to trace old drovers that I had drawn a blank on. I LOVE THIS STUFF!  
Beyond the Cowboy experience we often carry frontier Kansas history unrelated to the cattle history. John Hannibal Trautwine left an account of a buffalo hunt in 1873. His grandson, Richard Dobson, made the diary available to us. The hunt is fascinating! His party found their trip extended beyond expectations when they ran across the Sioux Indians who would not allow them to move their camp for weeks just as they were planning to return home. Great Stuff! 
If yer readin’ this and Old West Cowboy history is your thing with a little Kansas frontier thrown in you’ll find the Kansas Cowboy to your liking. You kin get your own subscription with yer own special saddle number by clicking on “Join The C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society” at the right of this article. We’ll be lookin’ ta hear from ya! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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