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Winter Mud

Winter in Kansas can give a fella jest about anything he wants. That is if he stays around fer a few years. This winter has been down around zero and it has been near 70 degrees. I prefer the 70. But, there are drawbacks to the warmer weather. Unlike any other time of the year any little bit of moisture has a way of stickin’ around for way longer than anyone cares for. A while back we had ice that just wouldn’t go away. Day after day the clouds covered the sun and the temperatures remained just below freezing resulting in slippin’ and slidin’ all over the place. The hospitals did a bang-up business! 
Now the ice has melted and we’re in a little wet cycle with temperatures hovering just above freezing. Feeding lots are a little muddy but actually not all that bad. It’s the back roads that are takin’ a beating. This time of year there just isn’t enough sun or temperature to dry things up once they get wet. My son, Michael and I were out in the yard surveying things and sort of makin’ plans on what needed to be done most around the place. A couple of his Cowboy friends stopped by for a visit. They’d been doin’ a little of their own surveyin’. Dean’s little four-wheel drive pick-em-up truck showed signs of fightin’ muddy roads. Kevin explained they had been out along a road that the neighbor used to feed cattle with a tractor. Ruts were getting purty deep! Michael and I had earlier survived a slick road in and out of a pasture. Sort of gets the heart pumpin’ when the pickup starts slidin’ for the ditch. 
Well, Kevin had no sooner told his tale of the ruts when a little car flew past the end of our drive-way about 40 miles per hour as though there was nothin’ to worry about. ‘Cept the road on south of our place turns into a real bog not too far along. Kevin smiled at Dean. “Wanta go make some money?” And, off they went to rescue the pilgrim. Michael and I drove to the road and pulled out the binoculars. Sure ‘nuff! About a half mile down there was a car sittin’ in the middle of the road. That mud down there just balls up and before ya know it yer tires won’t turn any more. Dean and Kevin were about half way too ‘im plowin’ mud. I figger this kind o’ activity is fer the younger set after peering through the binoculars fer awhile I climbed in the pickup and headed fer a dry seat in the livin’ room. One good thing about mud… it grows green grass come Spring. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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