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Once upon a time after ranting and raving over “why people do the things they do”, a teacher told me that I was a realist and that most people preferred not to be realists as the act of being one required too much from them. That was a long time ago. I was a kid with a lot of growin’ up to do. So, what happened? I’m still workin’ on that growin’ up part.  
As for reality… that’s a mysterious subject that seems to anchor itself in aesthetic contemplation somewhere in the recesses of the mind, which is an enigma in itself.  
Definitions of reality separate reality itself from the workings of the mind. Thus reality becomes another enigma of sorts because this ol’ Cowboy has always somehow lived in both worlds of “mind” and “actuality”. Heck! I’ve got one boot in the stirrup an’ one boot scrapin’ the sky!  
All I know is that from the back of this hoss I see a world that lives by rules. Those rules have nothing to do with how I might want the world to be, they have to do with how it really is. Natures’ cycles teach lessons that can not be denied, but dang if we don’t try anyhow. As a human race we want to believe that we control our lives and that the world around us is obedient to our demands. But, that is only an illusion. I have yet to understand just how far-reaching the illusion extends, but there is one thing for sure. Very few of us, if any, understand the REAL world.  
Our lives and our destinies are tied to the illusion that civilization somehow is reality. We gather together, build large cities, create economies both local and global, and believe that our creation is reality. But, it is far from that. It is a fabrication; a tall tale that has been told for so long we don’t even slow up to question. 
That rabbit that just ran across my path; that rabbit is real. The prairie grass that gently sways in the wind is real. The wind itself, invisibly revising our daily lives in subtle ways, is real.  
Reality supposedly reflects the subjects that exist independently from the mind. Yet, it is only the mind that can perceive the difference between reality and fantasy. We have gone so far as to ignore true reality as though it actually were the fantasy.  
Now, I know I’ve been talkin’ in circles and I’m surprised yer still with me, but a Cowboy’s mind gits ta wanderin’ when he’s ridin’ across these rollin’ prairies. I’ll try ta nail this story down for ya next time around. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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