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Ya never know what to expect in Kansas! The last few days have been balmy shirt-sleeve weather with the temperatures in the 60’s. Just a few days before we were bearin’ the brunt of a cold wave with near zero temperatures. Guess that’s why weather is such a popular subject of conversation in Kansas. These ups and downs can play havoc with a fella’s resistance. I’m fightin’ a bit of a cold, coughin’ and feelin’ a little slow but, HEY! I’m not gonna let a little cold keep me from enjoyin’ this wonderful day! I’ve been findin’ all kinds of excuses to get out of the store and stroll down the street. People are out walkin’ around and poppin’ into the stores like it was springtime. Every time I wander off I find folks waitin’ for me at the door when I return.  
I keep thinkin’ I should shut the door, saddle up my pony and head for the hills, but I guess I better stick it out here. Besides, every time someone comes by we jest have too much fun. As for the weather… It’s Kansas! Who knows what’s in store. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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