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Ranch Adventure

Ridin’ down the canyon listenin’ to the geese flyin’ overhead, trailin’ a brushy cow through the Oak and buckbrush, sleepin’ out under glorious star-studded nights are all a part of the Cowboy life. I try not to take it for granted knowing that the things that are often the most precious in life are the things you experience from day to day.  
Coyotes howl just over the hill and soon the whole prairie is alive with a symphony of sound. Baby calves run and play as if there would never be a rainy day. Red-tail hawks float lazily overhead on warm summer air calling to wind and touching your soul. Bulls bellow challenges to one another before crashing headlong into a tournament of brute force. The power of nature is in a Cowboy’s fingers as he guides his hoss over hills and through valleys muscles rippling beneath leather bound legs. 
I could go on and on painting word pictures of the Cowboy life. Which got me to thinking… Why don’t I share this incredible life with others?  
Well, why not?! So, I’m just wondering. If anyone out there wants to take me up. I’ll take ya out on ranch adventures in some of the prettiest country Kansas has to offer. We’ll do everyday ranch work, ridin’ fence, checkin’ cattle and inspectin’ pasture country. Maybe we’ll do a little shootin’. Maybe we’ll jest lounge around camp an’ enjoy Mamma Nature. Good camp food is always a plus! The best part of this life is the stuff you can’t plan like the daily adventure that Cowboyin’ has to offer.  
I plan on buildin’ an old-time Cowboy dug-out in the side of a hill. You kin help! Drink cool spring water from the sandstone. Sleep under the stars and wake up to mornin’ birds welcoming a new day. What do ya say? 
I figger $175 per day will cover a hoss and all the fixin’s. If ya felt yer blood tingle while readin’ this yer a candidate fer The Cowboy’s Ranch Adventures. All ya gotta do is contact me and we’ll get the ball rollin’. or call 1-877-376-8377. Let’s go git some Cows! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy  


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