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Back To The Wild

I’ve been going in about ten different directions at the same time lately. Haven’t had a chance ta tell my stories which means I’m busier than a fella outta be.  
The wet snow of two weeks ago was welcome for the moisture, but it caused some problems. By the end of the week my weaned calves were coughin’ and snortin’ an feelin’ down-right unfortunate. I was planin’ on selling several of ‘em at the sale barn last Thursday, but certainly couldn’t put in front of the buyers in that condition. So we kept them out on grass and babied them as best we could. 
Michael and I decided to turn ‘em out on some wheat pasture after the mud cleared up. A couple of the calves decided that the OTHER side of the fence looked more inviting. We were able to get one big steer back without much trouble, but a little heifer decided she liked the wide open spaces. She was in some ungrazed grass that provided quite a bit of cover. Some of the Big Bluestem was four and five feet tall. It was like goin’ on a wild cow hunt and this heifer’s instincts kicked in. She was a natural “brush cow”.  
We lost sight of her for a while and had to hunt tracing back and forth through the tall grass for a while before spotting her. Once she knew she had been found she wheeled and headed for the deepest grass she could find but now we had an eye on her. Well she was only beginning to play hide and seek. A young cedar tree looked like a good place to hide. I figgered she’d jest try to get behind it for a little extra cover, but I had to smile when she slipped down under the branches and LAID DOWN! You’d a thought we were huntin’ a wily old white-tailed deer!  
We worked her outta that tree and hazed her in the direction of the pens. She continued to try to use the occasional tree to get an advantage and then broke for the fence. In the excitement she was through the fence and into another pasture. Actually that was to our advantage as the grass had been grazed and she had no where to hide. It wasn’t long before we had her trottin’ up the lane and into the pens to rejoin her compadres.  
Sometimes a little trouble can turn into a lot of fun! Ya never know what might happen next! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy  


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