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All this communication technology is GREAT when it works. I’m finally able to connect to the internet after I shut down on Saturday. We recently switched to DSL to gain the faster connection that everyone says ya gotta have if yer gonna surf the net efficiently.  
So, when I powered up Monday morning the computer greeted me with a notice that it couldn’t find the server, No internet, no email. I felt like a Cowboy without a hoss! How ya s’posed ta get anything done without horsepower?  
I called my provider… They tried this and they tried that. Nothing worked. I wasted all of Monday. On Tuesday, they tried this and they tried that. They called here and they called there. I waited for return phone calls that never came. But, I at least figgered out that I needed to DO something, so I got busy writing a story for the next issue of the Kansas Cowboy. At the end of the day when I had receive no return calls letting me know what was happening, I called them.  
Oh… There’s some sort of message here that the phone company will pay ya a visit sometime between 10 am and 5 pm tomorrow. Glad they were gonna be so prompt… 
Wednesday the phone man showed up a little before noon. A couple of hours later he discovered that the problem was not here but in the telephone office. “We’ll try ta get to it tomorrow…” Would you believe I was STILL being patient. I smiled and said that would be good. The technician was friendly and doing his best. He told me that I might be able to get on for short periods of time until then.  
Along toward late afternoon I tried to send some emails and in between occasional bleeps I got the messages out. Then, it seemed to be working smoothly, so I mailed out some notices about the Wild West Trade Show that we are attending this weekend.  
The phone rings… It’s some fella from the phone company who informs me that they found nothing wrong in their office. Yeah, Right! So, how come I suddenly have no problems? Some guys never want to admit their wrong even when they’ve had you out of commission for days.  
Well, everything is working fine. I just wish I had saddled up on Monday and gone for a LONG ride.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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