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First Snow

Mamma Nature blew in a surprise early snow Tuesday night. Its been quite a few years since we’ve seen snow this early in the season. Kansas has been pretty dry in November and December to the point that we have gotten used to not seeing any real snow until January.  
So, I woke up this morning to a fresh blanket of white stuff covering everything. I’m not all that interested in COLD but I sure do like the look of things when the snow does a rework job on the world. I got out my camera and snapped a few shots. Probably could have taken hundreds of pictures, but a fella’s got things ta do.  
The hosses were anxiously waiting fer a little warm up of sweet grain. The calves weren’t waiting for a thing. They had their heads buried in the hay feeder slowly working a disappearing act on a big round bale.  
Sure was a fine morning. Just the kind that makes a fella feel all warm inside no matter what the temperature is outside. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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