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Ridin' The Range

Its that time of year when cattlemen get busy in pastures all over the plains states. Everywhere ya go pickups and stock trailers are crisscrossing the country picking up cows and calves. Big rig cattle haulers can be seen driving down back roads where semi-truck usually never venture. Some folks are pulling cattle off summer pasture. Some are weaning calves from the mother cows. There is just a LOT of activity! 
This past weekend I was out with my son, Michael. We were up early each morning saddling horses and riding over the golden grasslands to gather cows and calves. They days were perfect! Cool mornings turned to warm shirtsleeve afternoons as we rode over high prairie and down into deep canyons with lazy hawks floating overhead.  
As we trailed a set of cattle through a narrow valley the sound of Fall could be heard in the distance as a flock of geese flew south high in the blue. They were sure to be telling us that this beautiful day was one to be enjoyed for cold weather is on the way. But for now, we were in Cowboy Heaven surrounded by good grass, trailin’ good cattle and surveying the countryside from our leather thrones strapped to the backs of our little cow horses.  
So, while I’m sitting here typing out this message surrounded by four walls my heart is still out there ridin’ the range. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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