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Skimmin' The Surface

I don’t exactly live a normal life. Some might even say I’m a little tetched in the head. But, I sure do have fun! How many grown men can walk around town dressed like a Cowboy out of the 1870’s and get away with it day after day. Most folks around Ellsworth don’t even recognize me in “regular” clothes! 
A lot of workin’ Cowboys often look at me like, “He’s the fella that ‘plays’ Cowboy.” I get the biggest kick outta watchin’ the expression on some hardened ol’ cowpoke when I start talkin’ about the Kansas City Stockyards or doctorin’ a set of calves for pink eye. Just cuz I look like a pilgrim all dressed up fer the kill don’t mean a thing. I’ve been in the saddle since before I can remember. I’ve seen the old days slip away like leaves from the autumn trees. But, just because I’m fer real doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with the life I live. And, it doesn’t mean I can’t share it with everyone that comes my way.  
One of the biggest problems that I’ve noticed in the cattle industry is the penchant to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. I used to do it myself. But I’ve discovered a world of folks out there who are genuinely interested in the lifestyle of the Cowboy and his history. These guys that ride pastures everyday and tend to the ranch are living a life that the rest of the world only dreams about. Yeah, it is a hard life and most folks wouldn’t want to give up their urban lives for it, but they STILL dream.  
Some days I think, “What have I got to say to folks that means anything anyway?” Maybe what I believe has no bearing on most folks lives, but I’ve got so much locked away up in this noggin that I’m not at all sure what’s up there myself.  
Over the next few weeks maybe I’ll work my way through the cobwebs of this Cowboy brain and uncover even some foolishness that I’ve long forgotten. I’ve only skimmed the surface up to now.  
There’s a whole lot more in the pages of the Kansas Cowboy. If yer lookin’ for honest ta goodness Cowboy click on the “Join the Cowboy Society” link.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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