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Cowboy's Holiday

The 4th of July has long been known as the Cowboy’s Holiday. Most folks that work outdoors take little note of holidays or have any idea of vacation. Who needs time off when yer surrounded with the wonders of creation! But, the idea of Independence is so basic to the Cowboy Way that the 4th of July jest naturally held a special place in any Cowboy’s heart.  
After all, the Cowboy is pert near the definition of America. His independent spirit reflects all that IS America. The term Cowboy has often been used to cast a disapproving eye over the activities of an American abroad or in reference to the actions of our current President. Often when a person acts or speaks out freely with the courage of his convictions he is assaulted with, “So & So is a Cowboy”; implying that standing alone for principle is somehow beyond the acceptable norm.  
Truth is, when someone stands up for a higher standard than the rest of the world wants to adhere to, he becomes a “Cowboy”. We are told that compromise is the best way to accomplish goals. But, a Cowboy knows that it just isn’t always possible to give the nod to other fellow. There are things in this world worth fighting for and the fight usually begins within yerself.  
The trail that leads to the greatest rewards often is the toughest road to travel. Independence means many things to many people. But, from up here in the saddle there is one clear view. A Cowboy can feel freedom in his heart, but he wins it with his soul. 
See Ya Down The Trail, 
The Cowboy 


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