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Flashing Curtain

Driving into Ellsworth this morning was just the thing to get me off to a rousing day. A storm cell had developed in Russell County to the west and was moving across Ellsworth County. Approaching from the south through the rolling pasture land gave me a wonderful study of nature’s power.  
The storm presented itself as a deep purple curtain slowly enveloping the light of the horizon just beyond the town of Ellsworth. Every so often bright flashes of light thrust through the curtain as though someone were opening and closing the blinds at a supernatural tempo. Then suddenly a sharp bolt of lightning would strike the earth with the velocity of divine reckoning. What a show! I LOVE storms! The power within them excites every fiber of my being. I liken it a little to Dr. Frankenstein when he discovers that his experiment is successful. “It’s alive! It’s alive! 
At the same time, I know how devastating Mother Nature can be. Hurricane Ivan and all the others that have passed through have brought havoc to the Southeast U.S. Yet, there are those crazy people like me that can’t bear not to experience the thrill of nature’s fury, even when their own lives might be at stake. Must be something primal in our nature that brings us to a state of worship wherein nothing but the experience matters.  
I know that trail-driving Cowboys probably would rather not have experienced the wind, lightning, rain and hail. I can generally find shelter, but they had no where to go. Hail could put knots on your head and even kill. Rain could swell small creeks into angry rivers of death. Lightning could kill cattle, men and horses. All a man could do was grit his teeth and hope for the best.  
So, I know I have it easy driving in my car viewing the storm as though it were some movie being played on a drive-in movie screen. I am fortunate to be able to enjoy the power and majesty of the storm rather than expecting it to knock me off my horse at any time. Besides, we could use the rain… 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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