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Another Day (They Seem To Add Up!)

I rolled outta my bedroll this morn jest like any mornin’. Birds were singin’ an’ the world smelled fresh and new. Might be cause it rained last night... As I looked out across the pens the hosses were already in from the overnight grazing. They always look forward to a little treat of sweet feed in the mornin’. Seemed awful anxious fer some reason. Then it dawned on me… 
9 years ago today Kassi & The Cowboy opened up Drovers Mercantile! Happy Birthday Drovers! Headed into the Cowboy Shop with a sort of silly grin on my face. Who could have imagined all the damage we’d do in 9 years? We’ve got folks talkin’ Cowboy that would never have even considered such goin’s on a decade ago. Kassi has had ta keep The Cowboy’s boots on the ground more’n once. I tend ta get all carried away with my idees.  
The C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society has brought all kinds of folks together. We’ve had romancin’ and weddings. Folks have even made career moves after becomin’ Yahoos. Yessir! Reckon we’ve done plenty of damage, but mostly we’ve had fun. An’ ya cain’t blame anyone fer havin’ a little Cowboy fun! 
Things keep changin’ around here. Looks like more changes will be a comin’. Hope ya stick with us to see what’s jest around the corner. Kassi (Linda Kohls) and The Cowboy (Jim Gray) have both been in the saddle since before we could walk. Looks like even though changes continue to come we’re gonna stay in the saddle fer a while longer. Like daddy always said, “Never Sell Yer Saddle!” 
Never will… never will. 
The Cowboy 


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