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I’m gettin’ ready to make the transition from Cowboy to Farmer. Yep, it’s wheat plantin’ time. Don’t really raise all that much wheat but, the cattle enjoy grazing on it and it is good for them. It is usually something green and nutritious when the pastures have gone brown. Some wet years we get a nice growth of cheat grass in the pastures, but most of the time you can’t count on it and it only lasts a short time. So, planning a little wheat pasture helps extend the grazing season and make for contented cows.  
So, I will probably be silent for a few days. I’ll be out there going round and round in circles on a tractor. Makes for some very good time for thinking things out or cogitating as the old timers used ta say. So, LOOK OUT! Next week I should be full of all kinds of unimportant palaver! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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