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The Grocery Man

I have tried to stay away from the politics of world events but the recent terrorist attack on the Russian school is just a little more than I can take. I’m getting more than a little tired of so-called experts who find excuses for the barbaric actions of these religious fanatics. 
Everyone knows that the source of the wave of terror over the last few years is Islamic in nature. Some call them fundamentalists, but the truth is they are a perverse people with distorted concepts of their own religion. The American rebellion against the British Crown was viewed in its own time as barbaric. The Continental Army didn’t follow the rules of engagement. But, no one could have imagined killing defenseless children. No one could imagine blowing up common citizens as they went about their everyday shopping. Can anyone even BEGIN to imagine what a country or a world ruled by these animals would be like?  
So, where are the mainstream Muslim people? Why haven’t they risen in indignation in opposition to those who would pervert Islam? Few Christians are willing to recognize today that the Nazi movement was a perverse Christian movement. Their own twist on the same bible that Christians everywhere uphold brought the world to its knees. But, the Christian world dealt with the Nazis. When will the Islamic world get a backbone and stand up to the terrorists?  
Instead like the timid grocery man in the movies, Islam looks to the U.S. to ride into town wearin’ a white hat with guns a blazin’ hopin’ they’ll run the bad guys out of town. Right here in Ellsworth, Kansas, an outlaw gang took over the town. They had their sway for a while. But, unlike weak-in-the-knees Islam, our grocery man had ridden in the border wars with Jennison. Our hotel man was a former Texas Ranger. Our saloon keepers and livery men were Civil War Veterans. Enough was enough!  
One night they took the ringleaders from their beds and hung them to the old Cottonwood tree on the Smoky Hill River. Anyone that had been associated with the outlaws left town. Ellsworth didn’t need a hero in a white hat. They were ALL heroes. 
Anyone who attacks the USA can expect justice. But, unless the followers of Islam wake up and take care of their own problems mindless terrorism will continue to feed on itself. So, lets not hear anymore excuses. Lets see some backbone from the grocery man! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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