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A Real Hoot!

The brand spankin’ new July/August issue of the Kansas Cowboy jest went in the mail. If you’d like a taste of Cowboy reality the Kansas Cowboy is jest the thing. “Cattle Jack” Hittson is the feature article. Cattle Jack lived on the edge of the Texas frontier, dealt with vigilantes who made up their rules as they went along. Indian fights occurred so often that they were viewed as just a natural part of life. There are SEVERAL movie story lines in Cattle Jack’s life history! All ya gotta do to get in on this and so many more adventures is to send $18.67 to the Cowboy an’ I’ll set ya up with yer own saddle number and a year’s subscription to the Kansas Cowboy. Check out" target="_blank"> if ya wanta ride with our outfit. 
The Cowboy spent Saturday, June 26, at Brookville. Established in 1870, Brookville was also an “End of Trail” cattletown like our own Ellsworth. As I mentioned in the last installment of this here Cowboy Commentary, MDM Studios is in the process of makin’ a movie, The Last Real Cowboy, an’ they’ve chosen Brookville as their headquarters. The Brookville Movie Roundup on Saturday was a real HOOT! A lot of our COWBOY Friends showed up to get in on the casting of the movie. Turns out Moon McCall, known in the modern world as Dennis Kasey, has a part in the film as a scout that guides the hero, Spit McGregor, across the wide windswept prairie. Another of our Yahoos, Wade Baringer, got the nod for a part, but we’re not sure jest what he’ll be doin’. Wade’s a natural, why he’s even got the right blood fer the job. His G-G-grandfather, George Smith, was a scout for Custer during the Kansas Indian Wars of the 1870’s. 
For information on The Last Real Cowboy check out" target="_blank"> You’ll find an update on the film and its characters and get some nice background views of the prairie in central Kansas. Well, its time ta unsaddle this ol’ hoss an’ let ‘im have a mouthful or two of good prairie grass. See Ya Down The Trail. 
The Cowboy 


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