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Ellsworth, Kansas, is one of those special places on earth where so many things come together creating an American legend. At once, it is small town America. So much of the everyday life of Ellsworth mirrors the charm that many urban people believe only exists in the movies, television or in novels.  
Ellsworth is nestled in a valley along the Smoky Hill River surrounded by the beautiful rolling Smoky Hills. Cattle graze quietly on pastoral settings that artists the world over would give untold fortunes to reproduce. The agricultural community is still the center of our economy and the weather is always a major point of discussion.  
If those virtues weren’t enough to convince one of the unique qualities of this place HISTORY is definitely the deciding factor. This place exudes history at every turn.  
The Buffalo Tracks tell of a time before time, when man was but a bit player on the stage of existence. There are other points of reference that seem to say, yes, man was here among his brothers, the buffalo, deer, elk, antelope, turkey, hawk and “thunderbird”, but he was aware of something hidden to the world today.  
Many high bluffs of Ellsworth County bear witness to a culture that lived 1,000 years ago. Their burial mounds fairly touched the sky connecting the earth below with the heavens above. The Smoky Hill River coursed through the very center of the earth for these people who lived so close to nature and found a spirit in everything they came into contact with.  
In a time before time Ellsworth County was the birthplace of the human race for a people who knew the virtues of this land. Their kind have vanished perhaps never to return. But, the earth lives on teaching its lessons to those who will listen. Are you listening? 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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