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Summer Days

Another BEAUTIFUL day in Kansas! Overnight temperatures in the 60’s with daytime highs in the 80’s maybe slippin’ up into the low 90’s is pert near Heaven fer August! Back a few years we experienced several years in a row of green Augusts. Very unusual, but the temperatures during those years were fairly normal reaching the 100 degree mark regularly.  
This summer has everyone talkin’! Hain’t seen nothin’ like it. The grass is green. The weather is cool. Who needs Colorado? I’ve always liked the wide open vistas of Kansas anyway. Don’t like ta feel like the world is closin’ in on me. Ya jest cain’t get a prettier sunrise or sunset than on the open prairie where the world never seems to end! I do believe I’m gonna get outside these four walls and take in some of the finest country in the world! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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