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Sovereign Tyranny

Anybody involved in Agriculture is probably aware of the USDA Farm Service Agency. Yeah, that’s the place where farmers go to sign up for various government supported farm programs. Lucky for cattlemen the government has stayed clear of the cattle business and ranchers can operated more or less without big brother lookin’ over their shoulder. But, if yer farming any ground along with the cattle you can be sure the government has got its claws into ya.  
In the 1980’s, the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) was instituted to take highly erodible land out of production. Tens of thousands of acres of farm land were seeded to native grasses or in some states planted to trees. The idea was to take marginal land that should never had been farmed in the first place and in our case in Kansas, return it to prairie. Sounds GREAT! I liked it and we got paid to do it. We figured with all that land out of production grain prices would increase to a level that would help farmers to be independent of government support. The joke was on us. 
Don’t ever let anyone tell ya that there’s not enough food in the world. That’s not the problem. Even without all those acres of grain production we produce too much food and feed. The problem lies with governments and business. Farmers would love to see their production saving lives and make life better for people around the world, but governments continue to use food as a weapon to control their populations or to line the pockets of leaders with millions of dollars. We don’t need more technology to increase yields. We need governments that truly care for their people instead of themselves.  
We don’t need this government telling farmers how to farm either. It’s all a matter of control. If you want to know what socialism is like, just take a trip to yer nearest Farm Service Agency. Socialism is alive and well in the USDA. As for that CRP… Farmers are about to run into the typical government bureaucracy. Over the years they’ve told us not to worry about the trees that are sprouting and growing in the stands of grass. They said it was good for a diversity of wildlife. Now, the rumor is that they are about to turn 180 degrees decreeing that all trees must be cleared from the grasslands and if ya don’t get the job done the way we want we’ll terminate the contract.  
The confusion that is the USDA is rapidly bringing about the destruction of the family farm and ranch. When will America recognize the tempest that is surging over the land? American agriculture, the strength of our nation, is being systematically destroyed in favor of the tyranny of Agri-business. From the back of this hoss, it is not a little thing… 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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