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Junior Rodeo!

The Flying DX Junior Rodeo was in town this weekend. What a great bunch of folks! The kids get to participate in rodeo events and the whole family has a great time. Some of these folks get into junior rodeo in a big way. Unlike the typical rodeo contestant that comes in for one evening’s performance and flys down the road to the next rodeo these families come in for the whole weekend. A lot of ‘em camp on the grounds right with their horses. Its really a great time!  
If ya get a chance to take in a junior rodeo be sure to go. They are sometimes a little hard to find as they aren’t charging admission and so no one goes out of their way to promote ‘em. But, this is real ranch and hoss people having fun the best way they know how. For a schedule of junior rodeos across Kansas check out the Saddle Tramp Schedule in the Kansas Cowboy. We didn’t have such things when I was a kid. But, I was nearly born in the saddle. Spent lots of those early years jest riding the countryside. Some of these kids are barely big enough ta fill the saddle seat, but they’re learnin’ real Cowboy fun in a great family atmosphere. See ya at the rodeo! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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