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I don’t know, I guess I’m from another time. Seems like Integrity is a word that has nearly disappeared from the English language. I was raised to respect my elders. I’ve tried my best to do the right thing and if someone wronged me I usually gave them a second chance. Heck, I’d bend over backwards to give the next fella the benefit of the doubt.  
Now, I know there are lots of ya out there that live by the same rules. In nine years of business at Drovers Mercantile we’ve gone out of our way to trust folks and in those nine years few individuals have taken advantage of us. I am often accused of having the memory of an elephant, but I can assure you the ones that have used and abused out trust will not be forgotten. The old timers used to refer to these bad characters as “sellin’ their saddle”. My father used to refer to these Cowboys as having lost everything including their saddle with no way to make a living in cattle country. But, all across the West the connection was made to any fella who sold his saddle with the intentions of leaving the Cowboy life. Cowboys viewed those outside the profession as living by a corrupt set of rules. If ya traveled the wrong trail my friend you were purty useless on the range. In other words, you sold yer saddle.  
Me, I like a straight shooter. If ya don’t like my ways, jest tell me so. Maybe yer right and I’m wrong. If you kin show me where I’ve gone wrong, I’ll step right up and take up yer cause. But, don’t be a snake about it.  
All ya gotta do ta be a true Cowboy is sit tall in that saddle and shoot straight. Maybe Hoppy, Gene & Roy are all old hat. I hope not. We need some Cowboy Heroes that can show the world what integrity is all about.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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