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Cattle Drive Getting Closer

Here is an update on the big cattle drive. 
Cowboys will be gathering cattle just south of the Kansas border in preparation for the Kansas 150th Anniversary Cattle Drive. The Border Queen Caldwell, Kansas, is celebrating its 140th birthday in unison with the 150th anniversary of the founding of the State of Kansas so be prepared for a big celebration September 3rd through the 5th! Featured performers Saturday evening will be the internationally famous Diamond W Wranglers with Guest Host Geff Dawson.  
Head em up and move em out! Trail Boss Gil Favors famous words from TVs Rawhide will once again echo over the Kansas plains as the Kansas 150th Anniversary Cattle Drive heads for the end of the trail at Ellsworth. Well be keeping those dogies rollin. Labor Day morning, Monday, September 5th, Cowboys will point the cattle north, trailing the herd through downtown Caldwell on their way to Ellsworth. It will be 200 miles of Wild West adventure!  
Just as in the days of old, the trail boss will be in charge of two chuckwagons, four cookies, seven drovers, seven guest drovers, a string of horses, and, of course, a great herd of longhorn cattle. Guest drovers can sign on with the outfit for one week or the entire three weeks!  
The route follows the old Cox Cattle Trail to the Kansas Pacific Railhead at Ellsworth. The trail was originally blazed in 1873. Modern Cowboys will trail cattle on the very same route used by original drovers, bed down the cattle on historic bed grounds and camp at the very same cow camps that made the Cowboy famous. The herd will cross rolling prairie and ascend a ladder of rivers. Each rung of the drive is marked by Fall Creek, Bluff Creek, and Sand Creek before crossing the Chikaskia River.  
Each week will offer new adventures. At the South Fork of the Ninnescah River the cattle will arrive at Kingman, Kansas, on Friday September 9th. Kingman is planning a 150th Anniversary Blow Out September 9th-11th. Featured performers fresh from the Prairie Rose Chuck Wagon Supper, Saturday September 10th, at 7 p.m. are The Prairie Rose Rangers. September 12th the herd leaves Kingman, crossing the North Fork of the Ninnescah River. Antelope, Indian Run, Rattlesnake, and Salt Creeks guide the trail drivers ever northward for another five days on the trail before reaching the Arkansas River and Ellinwood, Kansas. 
Saturday morning, September 17th, the Kansas 150th Anniversary Cattle Drive will trail down Ellinwoods Main Street. Ellinwoods 150th Kansas Anniversary Celebration will be held September 17-18. Judy Coder, the Patsy Montana National Yodeling Champion," and the "Western Music Association International Yodeling Champion" is Ellinwood's featured performer Saturday evening with Geff Dawson as host.  
The final leg of the Kansas 150th Anniversary Cattle Drive will leave Ellinwood September 19th, trailing five days crossing Cow Creek, Plum Creek, and into the beautiful Smoky Hills. From the old Ox Hide Creek drovers and cattle will reach their destination as they cross the Smoky Hill River and enter the end of trail cattle town of Ellsworth, Kansas. In addition to a complete schedule of activities, Geff Dawson hosts a full compliment of Western entertainment with The Prairie Rose Rangers, Judy Coder, and Barry Ward.  
The Cowboy Jim Gray will be keeping a digital Drovers Logbook along the way. Follow the adventure from the website! The old cattle town will be waiting anxiously for the cattle to arrive. Come celebrate the 150th Kansas Anniversary in true cowboy style, at the End of the Trail!  
The Kansas 150th Anniversary Cattle Drive has been named one of American Cowboy Magazines Best of the West Top 101 Western Events. For more information contact the Trail Boss, Mike Clover, 718 Cedar Street, Kingman, Kansas, 67068. Phone 620-532-3455  Email Website - ;


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