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Have Some Fun!

Howdy Saddle Tramps!  
The Cowboy is headed to Concordia for the Kansas Sampler Festival this weekend. If ya ever wondered what there is to do in Kansas and ya haven t been to the Sampler, you will be amazed at your wonderful home state. Come take a look!  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 
Jim Gray 
Drovers Mercantile 
Kansas Sampler Festival 
Concordia, Kansas 
May 2nd- 3rd, 2009 
Do you wish that you could go to one place and experience a living brochure of what there is to see and do in Kansas? Have you shopped at Brants Meat Market in Lucas or eaten at Mr. K s Farmhouse in Abilene? Have you seen the World War II POW camp guardhouse near Concordia or blown bubbles at Pops Place in Alma? Youre in luck! 
The Kansas Sampler Festival was designed to bring communities and attractions from all over the state together to make it easy for the public to discover day trip possibilities. In other words, the primary purpose of the festival is to provide the public a sample of what there is tot see and do in Kansas. In 2009, 125 communities provided a sample of what there is to see, do, hear, taste, buy, and learn in Kansas! 
Whether you are looking for hiking trails, historic sites, natural landmarks, unique restaurants, off-the-beaten track eateries, architectural gems, hole-in-wall performing centers, artists-at-work, specialty shops, or have-to-be-there Kansas events, this festival is for you!  
At the Kansas Sampler Festival in Concordia, Kansas over 125 Kansas communities will be on hand to tell all about what there is to see and do in each community. Want to know about the Pony Express, Bleeding Kansas, Big Brutus, hometown cafes, quirky public art, and dare-to-do-dirt scenic drives? All the information needed to plan Kansas day trips can be found by visiting the hundreds of community displays grouped under the big tents. 
Dozens of entrepreneurs have their Kansas-made products for sale. Entertainers from all across Kansas offer up unique Kansas grown amusement. Reenactors offer up snapshots in time of famous and not so famous folks who helped make Kansas history interesting and exciting. Be sure to visit the Kansas Cattle Towns chuck wagon camp! Where else would you find The Cowboy! 
The 20th annual festival is a project of the Kansas Sampler Foundation whose mission is to preserve and sustain rural culture. The festival originally was held on the Penner Farm near Inman for eight years before it started to move around the state on a two-year swing. Its also been held in Pratt, Ottawa, Independence, Newton and Garden City.  
Concordia hosted the festival for 2008 and 2009 is the last year to enjoy the festival in that wonderful community before it moves on to Leavenworth. 
The celebration of Kansas will take place on the Concordia City Park Saturday, May 2 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Sunday, May 3 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children 7-14. To learn more about the Kansas Sampler Foundation and its director, Yahoo # 41, Marci Penner, log onto: 
For more information about the Kansas Sampler Festival go to or call Susie Haver or Tammy Britt at 785-243-4303. 
If ya cant make the Sampler theres PLENTY to do this weekend. Get out and have some fun! 
1st-2nd Chisholm Trail Festival @ Caldwell 
Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, or 620-845-6666 
1st-2nd Kansas Barbed Wire Collectors Convention @ La Crosse 
City Auditorium, 785-222-9900 
1st-2nd Santa Fe Trail Days @ Larned 
1st-3rd Two Gun Shoot! NCOWS Regional @ Garnett 
Grizzle Bear, 913-321-3502 
1st-3rd KANZA Days Husky Liners Chuck Wagon Competition & Gathering @ Winfield 
Winfield Fairgrounds, 620-221-2420 
1st-3rd 2nd Annual Dream Ride in the Flint Hills @ Clements 
Flying W Ranch, Suzan Barnes, 620-263-6763 
1st-3rd 1st Annual Prairie Rose Western Days @ Benton 
Prairie Rose Chuckwagon Supper, 316-778-2121 
Mo-Kan Cowboy Frolic Fun Shoot @ Higginsville, MO 
Rocky Branch Rangers, Lafayette Gun Club, Iza Littleoff, 816-524-1462 
7th Annual Chisholm Trail Bull Mania @ Caldwell 
2:30 p.m. Caldwell Chamber of Commerce, 620-845-6666 
2nd Santa Fe Trail Days Ranch Rodeo @ Larned 
2nd Marble Days @ Bonner Springs 
The Moon Marble Company, 913-441-1432 
2nd Old Fort Larned Days @ Larned 
Fort Laned National Historic Site, 620-285-6911 
2nd-3rd Marysville Kansas Shootout @ Marysville  
Cowboy Fast Draw Association, Simmons Auditorium, 785-562-5570 
2nd-3rd Kansas Sampler Festival @ Concordia 
Concordia City Park, Susie Haver & Barbara Henry, 785-243-4303 
2nd-3rd MillFest @ Lindsborg 
McPerson County Old Mill Museum, 785-227-3595 
2nd -3rd Gant-Larson Ranch Carrys Cavalry All Women Trail Ride @ Medicine Lodge 
Dacy Larson Woods, 620-886-5630 
2nd-3rd South Central Kansas Stock Horse Association Show @ Lyons 
Bar K Bar Arena, Celebration Center Complex, 620-257-5390 
2nd-3rd 3rd Annual Elk County Ranch Rodeo @ Moline 
J.B & Kenda Cannon, 620-374-2405 
2nd-3rd Phillipsburg High School Rodeo & Cowboy Prom @ Phillipsburg 
State President, LeRoy Hays, 785-543-5859 
2nd-3rd R.K. Shows Gun, Knife, and Military Show @ Wichita 
Kansas Colliseum, 563-927-8176 
3rd Butterfield Gulch Gang Cowboy Shoot @ Chapman 
Ralph Dispatcher Bogear, 785-223-1277 


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