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Cowboy Stuff!

Someone suggested that we post the Saddle Tramp Schedule from the Kansas Cowboy as a way of showing some of the information available in the paper. We often have additional articles covering the events. Check us out at 
6th-11th Chase County Prairie Fire Festival @ Cottonwood Falls Downtown, 620-273-6020 
9th-11th Moore Ranch Longhorn Cattle Drive @ Bucklin 
27 Miles from Winter Pasture to the Moore Ranch, 620-826-3649 
11th Flatland String Band @ El Dorado 
Iron Horse Concert Hall, 316-321-2105 
11th Powder Creek Cowboys Cowboy Shoot @ Lenexa 
Tame Bill, 913-441-5660 
12th Millbrook Wranglers Cowboy Shoot @ Hill City Millbrook Station Shooting Range, Doug Webster, 785-421-3329 
14th-16th Living Hisory Week @ Baxter Springs 
Baxter Springs Heritage Center & Museum, 620-856-2385 
16th The Cowboy Speaks! Desperate Seed Book Signing @ Colby 
Pioneer Memorial Libray, 11:45 a.m.; Judy Kleinsorge, 785-460-4470 
16th The Cowboy Speaks! Desperate Seed Book Signing @ Hays 
Forsyth Library, Fort Hays University Campus, 6:30 p. m., Patty Nicholas, Special Collections librarian, 785-628-5901


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