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NCOWS Convention & Trade Show

Kassi & The Cowboy are hitting the trail to Kansas City, Kansas, for the National Convention & Trade Show of the National Congress of Old West Shootists (NCOWS). The event runs from Noon Friday, March 20 until 3:30 Sunday March 22. The Cowboy will be signing copies of Desperate Seed and Kassi has brought along the leftovers from Drovers Mercantile. It s a great Old West Cowboy Trade Show. Come on out and see us! 
NCOWS National Convention 
March 20th-22nd, 2009 
The National Congress of Old West Shootists (NCOWS) was established in 1994 to promote the sport of Western Action Shooting and to preserve the heritage of the Old West. The NCOWS Convention and Old West and Victorian Trade Show moved to Kansas in 2008 and brought a whole new (or should we say OLD) countenance to how we view the western tradition! The event is held at the Reardon Civic Center at 5th and Minnesota Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. The convention plays host to an estimated 2000 NCOWS members, vendors and visitors beginning at noon Friday, the 20th of February through Sunday the 22nd. 
Numerous vendors will be on hand to provide the Cowboy or his lady with clothing from boots to hats and everything in between, plus leather goods of every kind. Firearms from derringers to buffalo rifles of the period will also be available. All the accessories or supplies needed by shooters or re-enactors will be there. 
Live entertainment will be provided all day on Saturday by such legendary characters as Zerf and Dave Boyd. The Cowboy will be signing his new book Desperate Seed: Ellsworth, Kansas, on the Violent Frontier. The day culminates with a Banquet and Victorian Ball Saturday night, featuring the music of Tallgrass Express. You won t want to miss it! Kassi & The Cowboy will be precepting the ball. Seminars will be presented throughout the weekend covering subjects from ladies clothing to buffalo hunters. And there will be plenty of time to visit with old friends and new ones. 
General admission is $8 each day. A Conventioneers Pass for all three days plus the Banquet and Victorian Ball is $44.40. This will include the Ladies Tea on Saturday afternoon. The Vendors and Conventioneers registration form is available at 
Rooms are available at the attached Hilton Inn with a special rate if you mention NCOWS. For further information, contact Grizzle Bear at 913-321-3502 or 
The National Congress of Old West Shootists was founded in Iowa in 1994 by a group of dedicated western action shooters who had a background in muzzleloading, buckskinning, historical reenacting, and many other of the modern shooting sports. To this end we determined that our new organization would be different from existing organizations in a number of ways: we would insist on historical authenticity in all of our activities, we would not require that our members assume an alias (although they may if they wish), and we would be a democratically-structured organization, run by the entire membership. 
Since its founding NCOWS has grown slowly but steadily, gradually gaining recognition from the shooting fraternity as a viable and significant organization. 
Early on there was some misunderstanding on the part of some members at least of The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS ) who believed that NCOWS had been founded in opposition to SASS . NCOWS original aim was to operate parallel to SASS, doing what we could to promote the growth and development of Cowboy/western action shooting which, after all, had been invented by SASS. Although we present NCOWS as an alternative organization to those who desire a greater level of historical authenticity and member involvement in governance than SASS provides, we encourage all of our members to support SASS as well as every other shooting organization. 
Since its inception NCOWS has been a Charter organization of the National Rifle Association, and strongly recommends that every NCOWS member also be a member of the NRA. Our liability insurance is provided through the NRA. 


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