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Recently I sent out an email to all my friends promoting my new book, Desperate Seed: Ellsworth Kansas on the Violent Frontier. I asked all my Yahoo buddies to pass the message along to a friend or two that might be interested in Old West history. And, a whole lot of my friends ordered the book. And that is GREAT! But there is a hitch.  
I know that the message was being passed on cuz a lot of folks enthusiastically told me they sent it to their friends. So, as it turns out, the folks who know my writing and the kind of research that I do bought the book and sometimes bought 2 or 3. But for some reason it all stops with those folks who recognize the unique perspective that I put on things. Up to now I have not received an order from someone that I didnt directly send an email to.  
Yeah, I am frustrated; cuz I know that I produce some of the best research and writing that is done on the Old West and especially when it comes to one of the wildest towns on the frontier, Ellsworth, Kansas. So if somebody out there can tell me jest how in heck I convince folks of that fact, please let me know.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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