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What's in a handshake? 
The act of shaking hands immediately establishes a bond between the two that serves to establish trust and friendship. The value of a handshake is often taken for granted, but consider the far-reaching implications of this time-honored symbol. Researchers have known for decades that our world is amazingly interconnected allowing us to virtually touch the farthest reaches of the planet in a few short steps. They say Everyone in the world is just 6 handshakes away. 
So we decided to test the 6 handshakes idea with an email to our friends who have supported the Kansas Cowboy over the years. The Cowboy s book Desperate Seed: Ellsworth Kansas on the Violent Frontier is receiving acclaims from history and just plain story enthusiasts across the country. We ve challenged those friends to send that email not to a whole host of folks in their address book, but just to their particular friends that they know will enjoy the kind of Old West that can be found in Desperate Seed.  
We have already had a response mainly from our good friends but we are looking forward to hearing from folks we have never heard from before. As the orders for Desperate Seed come in we will report just WHERE the books are headed to. Who will your handshake reach?


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