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How To Rule The World

No I don t have the wherewithal to rule the world but it is pretty easy these days to see just how it could be done. The global marketplace has opened itself up to reveal a common weakness among traders. Not that what I have to say is really news. The markets have always operated on confidence or the lack thereof.  
It doesn t take a Harvard Business graduate to recognize the vulnerability that has taken control of not only Wall Street but every major trading center the world over. Ya want to rule the world?... All ya gotta do is be a major player on the political stage (and I do mean player). From that position of perceived authority the responsibility for a stable economic world can easily be bestowed upon the person that offers world traders the confidence of his leadership. The truth is that world speculators have lost their way and are ripe for the picking. A competent leader with charisma and optimism can lead the world to dance his tune. All hail the Pied Piper whose sweet music lures us on into the River of No Return.  
If ever an eager world stood poised to accept common leadership it is this one and when its said and done we will all look around and wonder what happened. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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