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Pickens On Energy

I hate ta keep pickin on T. Boone Pickens. After all he is the successful businessman and I am just a nearly flat broke Cowboy. I haven t sold my saddle yet, but the prospect is starin me in the face.  
With such glowing credentials who the heck cares what I think or know. Anyways I will start out by agreeing with Pickens on one point. We have so much natural gas and for some reason big oil has chosen not to utilize the resource. I have no idea how much gas is in underground storage in central Kansas but I would venture to say the number would be staggering. Again, the companies seem to be keeping these reserves as secret as they possibly can.  
A number of years ago some of that gas got away from them by somehow seeping through old mine shafts that were not properly sealed in the Hutchinson, Kansas area. As the gas found its way to the surface Hutchinson started blowing up like something you would see in the movies. There were a few reports on the news but for some reason this dramatic event was barely covered. Always made me wonder& What s up? 
So on Larry King last night Pickens was asked why natural gas was not being utilized. At first he also had no answer. It makes no sense except that he finally came up with the observation that we have had poor leadership. Poor leadership? How about - The energy companies are manipulating their resources. For what reason? They aren t saying.  
But the part about Pickens that gets me is that he comes off as some kind of expert in the field of alternate energy. And to hear him talk one would think so& except for a couple of slips. Pickens is promoting the great plains from Texas to Canada as one of the best wind corridors in the world. 
When asked about solar energy he said that yes solar energy fits well with wind. I don t have the exact quote but it went something like this. The sun shines throughout the day and the wind blows at night.  
Now I don t know a lot about Texas nights, but I have lived in Kansas all my life and most of our wind comes during the day. The wind usually dies down at sunset and almost always is calmer all night than through the day. Occasionally we will get a big wind at night but it is a rare night in which winds exceed daytime velocity.  
Then Pickens was asked about his own ranch. Did he have wind towers or was he planning to have wind towers. No he said. He gave some excuse for not placing them on his northern borders and followed that with his southern range was rolling hills and that wasn t good for wind production. Oh really? 
Right here in Ellsworth and Lincoln County, Kansas a large wind farm is producing on just that& rolling hills. We were actually told that the hills created the kind of wind that was good for production. Or& perhaps we were being told that because the wind company wanted to utilize the transmission line that already existed in those hills.  
You would think Pickens would know his subject. So what IS up? And why doesn t anyone recognize that individuals could easily produce the energy that corporate America wants to control. We are headed for just one more arena in which the people are led to slaughter. Ya better hope that the lead steer knows the way to good grass and open range cuz the last herd he led ended up at the slaughter house.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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