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Advice From The Sod

I know the presidential candidates aren t going to ask me for advice about the economy. Heck, why should they. I m about as broke as an hombre can be!  
Well, I m gonna throw my two cents worth out there anyway. 
McCain says the middle class can fix itself if government just gets out of the way. He believes in a free market. I m sorry to burst that bubble but there ain t no such thing as a free market. The big boys have the market all sewed up and they not only intend to get the biggest piece of the pie, they plan on getting all the pieces. There will surely be a few crumbs left on the plate for the little folks after the big boys get theirs. 
Obama has said he wants change that will restore the balance of our economy. He says he is the new way. He proposes a combination of tax cuts and government spending to breathe life back into the middle class. POP! There went another bubble! Maybe someone was reading my mind.  
You tell me what is NEW about tax cuts and government spending.  
Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying Every Generation Needs A New Revolution. We have long lived many generations without revolution. Perhaps ours is near.  
Neither one of these candidates realizes the depth of corruption the American system has fallen to. As a people we champion the cause of freedom while leaning into the yoke of economic slavery.  
Security is no more. Freedom is no more. Economy is no more. America has been deceived; led to believe we could all live like millionaires while serving ruthlessly powerful profiteers bent on mining the very heart and soul of the nation into abject poverty.  
There is only one way to secure this nation and the world for that matter. That is to alter the age old economic system of robbing the salt of the earth. The true wealth of any nation is in its raw materials and in the families that produce them. Until someone finds a way to restore rural culture there can be no security. Economy and Freedom are empty words enlisted by demagogues whose vision has been blurred by the bright lights of political affairs.  
So let us have change. True change. Rural America is our source of wealth. It is time to feed the source before it dies and everything we know dies with it.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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