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Real West

Fer the life of me I don t really know what makes folks tick. I haven t written anything in months from the back of this saddle but the Cowboy Commentary continues to get more clicks than anything on our website. I am a writer. I enjoy producing something that is appreciated. That is where the rub comes in. Why don t more folks read the Kansas Cowboy newspaper? 
Maybe folks jest like to read this here garbled mess because its free. Free is a good thing as far as it goes. But this here Cowboy Blog doesn t exactly go far. It is a little like tryin ta fill up yer gas tank with a $3 bill. Can t hardly turn the tap fer $3.  
So, I m thinking& The price of this and the price of that keeps going up week after week. I have been publishing the Kansas Cowboy since 1997. The subscription price then was $18.67. Gasoline was $1.25. Right now, as I am writing this The Kansas Cowboy is still $18.67. Now you tell me how far down the road yer gonna get on $18.67 worth of gasoline.  
I know there are literally tens of thousands of Cowboy enthusiasts out there, but for some reason only a handful of folks get the Kansas Cowboy. Each issue is filled with more than enough good Old West reading that alone is worth the one year subscription. We have been publishing original stories written by 1880s Cowboy William Sternberg. These previously unpublished stories were discovered in a family attic collecting dust until they found their way to the pages of the Kansas Cowboy. 
Our Kansas history series is an unbelievable chronicle of Old West Kansas. In the past issue Bat Masterson faced off two gunmen at once in Dodge City. The citizens of Caldwell shot it out with Cowboys in one of the longest running shootouts in Old West history. In Kansas tales of storms, stampedes and railroad wars mix with homesteaders and city builders. Another lawman is killed in Caldwell in 1882. Bat Carr takes his place and hires a cohort of Billy the Kid as a deputy. Ya can t write fiction as good as the real thing in Kansas!  
And speaking of fiction& The movies always show Cowboys fighting Indians and Cowboys terrorizing farmers, but would you believe farmers terrorizing and bullying Cowboys and Indians who actually joined forces to protect themselves from farmers? Read Cowboys, Indians, Farmers and the U. S. of A., Sorting Out The Bad Guys From The Good. 
Ya won t get the Real West anywhere else. Click on the Join The Cowboy Society link on the right and get that $18.67 ready ta roll. If ya thought ya knew the Old West, think again! The Kansas Cowboy is it. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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