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Cowboy Christmas

It HAS been a long time since The Cowboy has posted anything on the Cowboy Commentary. Guess I jest burned out the candle. Haven t been all that inspired ta write.  
We ve had some interesting times none the less. The big ice storm brought all kinds of havoc to the countryside. We were lucky that most of it melted before it was followed up with about a foot of snow. Our power at the ranch was off a little over a week. It really wasn t all that bad. I was operating with only one coal oil lamp and several candles for light. The candles were OK but that lamp was the best putting out plenty of light at least until I broke the globe. That was unquestionably the worst thing that happened to me. I can stand being a little cold. I can deal with changing my routine for cooking and feeding cattle. But do NOT take away my light! I was a mess until I remembered where another globe was stored away. You would have thought I had won millions in the lottery when I found that globe! Yessir! I had light! No wonder folks came up with a celebration of light at the winter solstice. Light or the lack there of can make all the difference in a feller s attitude and believe you  me, my own attitude was affected considerably.  
My son, Michael and I saddled up and rode through the pasture to gather some cattle. I hadn t been horseback since the ice. We had also gotten 3 inches of rain with that ice, plus the foot of snow on top of that. Every hole was full of water and the creek which is normally dry was running like a cool mountain stream through ice and snow. What a sight! There REALLY is nothing like living this life and at this time of year all a Cowboy has to do is look around and he knows he is truly blessed. The city may have everything in the way of material gain to offer, but when yer on horseback in the quiet of the day there is no place on earth that can offer a man any greater reward than the back country of God s creation! Merry Christmas to ya from Kassi & The Cowboy. If there were anything in the world that I could wish, it would be that everyone could truly experience the world as I have known it. Yeah times can be hard, but the joy& well there ain t nothing like it. It s the Cowboy way.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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