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Paris Hilton, Poison Food And All That Jazz

So she s a privileged little girl with the world by the tale. Paris Hilton is wild and sexy and everything a Cowboy could want on a Saturday night at the end of the trail. But to hear folks tell it on all the news stories she s some kind of scourge on society that needs to be burned alive. she s Frankenstein and were all the good citizens. Burn Baby Burn!  
Now I m no psychologist. I m jest lookin in. And what I see is a world of people who can t stand to look at their own sins so the entertain themselves by tearing down another person. I grew up with the generation that was going to change the world. Nature - Good. Materialism - Bad. Peace  Good. War  Bad. Love  Good. Hate  Bad.  
So what became of the values that were going to change the world? We grew up, raised families and forgot all about our so-called commitment to one another. It became me for me and you for you and never the twain shall meet. And Paris, well everybody knows she must be the bane of society living only for herself, extravagantly flaunting her money and fame and god knows what else!  
Paris is not the problem. WE are the problem! I am the problem. I can sit in an ivory tower and wail about the wrongs and the injustices but what have I really done to change the world. What have you done?  
CNN tells us poisons are turning our food supply into a kool-aid mix that will soon become the elixir of Armageddon. We shudder, but the recipe for the elixir has been in the mix for 30 years. This generation has allowed family farms to be raped and destroyed for the benefit of ravenousness capitalists with no sense of morality or justice. Good people deserve better. We are about to get what we deserve for our lethargy.  
Family, Farm, Community, Peace, Love and Harmony. You tell me. Are these values that we should defend? Or were they just empty words that disappeared when the echoes of their consequence trailed off into the emptiness of long ago? You tell me. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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