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Let Them Pump Premium

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The United States has been held up to the world as the symbol of personal freedom. It is known as a place where a person can rise from the most humble condition to one of extreme abundance. The vast majority of our citizens don t experience that kind of success, but for the most part we lead exceptional lives compared to world averages.  
In many cases we are prone to extremes that are without a doubt exorbitant. I often wonder what happened to all of the high minded ideals of the Back To The Land movement and Living Light Upon The Earth. Our generation is in many ways a fraud; preaching in our youth a lifestyle we learned to shun as adults. Be that as it may, we are living in a new era. It is the era of the new Kings of the World, the international corporate monolith.  
Exxon Moble, AOA LUKE Oil, Chevron Corporation, Petrobras, Royal Dutch Shell plc, Total S.A., Conoco Phillips, OAO Surgutneftegas, and Eni SpA are listed as the top ten Oil Companies in the world. I m not sure how accurate this listing is. I don t see BP on the list. But take a look at those names again. Do you recognize some of those companies? Never heard of em! Surgutneftegas? Petrobras?  
So we don t know he companies who are controlling our lives and above and beyond that, we don t know the PEOPLE who are behind those companies. The average consumer isn t stupid. We all know we are being lied to. Markets are being manipulated to attain profane profits for investors and of course for those few PEOPLE at the top who are just as power hungry as any Napoleon ever was. Their insatiable appetite will not be appeased all the while hiding behind a cloak of relative anonymity. 
King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are famously known for remaining aloof while their population starved and struggled in sheer poverty. Perhaps they were merely victims of an out of control condition. Historians can argue the fact, but the ultimate fact is that suffering people can only endure so much. Louis XVI was actually the victim of the same politics that we find taking place today. Commodity speculators had manipulated the price of wheat to a level that was out of reach to the common man. Yes, there had been crop failures, but the extreme shortage of eatable wheat flour was manipulated to put pressure on the French government to give concessions to the rich commodities speculators. When the people could no longer afford to eat bread Marie Antoinette was famously quoted as saying LET THEM EAT CAKE. Whether she actually said it or not means nothing. The PEOPLE thought she said it. But it was really the commodities speculators who were saying it, by forcing the price of wheat to unbearable levels. They put money over the welfare and safety of their own nation.  
Oil is the new wheat. In today s world oil dictates the very survival of not only a nation but the world as we know it. President Bush is our new Louis XVI. There is no doubt he knows what is happening but do not be misled. He has no more control over the real Kings of the World than Louie did over the commodity speculators. And in the end Louie lost his head while the speculators took over his county. 
So the spokesmen for the Kings confidently inform us in soft tones of empathy that there is little that can be done to halt rising prices. Oil is in demand. We have a limited supply that is only dwindling with each passing day. You have been sentenced to a metaphorical Bastille. A prison whose walls allow no reason to enter, no thought to escape. YOU must tighten your belt. YOU must conserve. We on the other hand, require PROFITS because we are so BIG that it takes a LOT of money to keep this juggernaut going, and we must by all means keep it going!  
All the while the gluttonous Kings live behind their golden walls, our futures and our very lives their sustenance. They live by deceit and by the very power that they have established upon that deceit. The new battle cry may well be LET THEM PUMP PREMIUM!  
You and I may understand the situation perfectly, but what in the world is to be done? Do my words and words of so many others fall on deaf ears, on cowardly cripples who will only read the words and do nothing? What does it take to bring down the Bastille? Perhaps the first step is in recognizing that our world is not as finite as the manipulators would have us to believe. We live in a world that is awash in energy. Energy is abundant to the point of being inexhaustible. When we no longer believe the Kings and their lies the shackles of fear will fall away. Without a captive consumer the golden walls will fall from their own weight. I say LET EM FALL! 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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