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Cheaper Than Gas!

So you want to take a trip to tour the Old West? Wouldn t it be great to walk the streets that yer old west hero walked? Wouldnt it be great to feel the excitement and get to know what it was like to live back then? Yeah, but gas is a $3.00+ per gallon and going up. And I won t even begin to go into all the Old West locations that are nothing more than tourist traps (Ellsworth isnt one of those, by the way).  
What s a person supposed to do? Have I got a solution fer you! Fer a whole lot less than one tank of gas you can find your way into the middle of the wide open Kansas plains with hard ridin Cowboys, wild Indians, dusty soldiers, cigar stained saloon keepers, dolled up fancy ladies, Longhorn cattle, snarling mustangs, everything you ever imagined youd find in Wild, Wild West!  
Fer a measly $18.67 you kin ride with the best of em reading the Kansas Cowboy. We have been on trail drives, fought Indians, blizzards, drought, and hoss thieves. We have ridden with Roman Nose in his last charge against Forsyth Scouts. We have stood on a solitude soggy knoll with Libby Custer as torrential waters threatened to carry her to doom. We have parted the smoke from dozens of barroom gunfights and held our breath as the Kansas breeze teased our favorite saloon girl as she crossed the dusty cattletown street.  
We have known Wild Bill, Tom Smith, Ben Thompson, Wyatt Earp, Buffalo Bill, George Custer, Bat Masterson, Henry Brown and all the famous characters of Old West Kansas. But hold on! There s more! How about Dutch Henry, Rattlesnake Pete, Mysterious Dave, Big Hank, Happy Jack, Texas Spence, Dirty Dave, Big Ike, and Chummy Jones? It was the little known hombres that made Kansas such a wild and woolly place!  
Ya want ta meet em? You will find them and more in the pages of the Kansas Cowboy. The Kansas Cowboy is about as close to a time machine as yer ever gonna find. 
So be quick on the draw partner and click the Join the C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society link on the side of the page. It is cheaper than driving all over creation to pick up some small piece of history and The Kansas Cowboy gets up close and personal the way these old stories should be told. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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