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Open Or Closed?

The latest pet food fiasco should be enough to open the eyes of any thinking person, but for years now the general population has turned a blind eye to the direction food production is heading. Food is only a commodity on which profits can be made. In the new world of agri-business profits are paramount. Health, safety and security are only spin words used to convince you, the public that they are the good guys.  
So, these guys flood wheat gluten with a product that is best known for making fertilizer and plastics, and what for? Profits, that s what for! Melamine is only used to make the gluten look like it has more protein than it really does. Higher protein fetches a higher price. That may be acceptable in China but it is fraud in my books. Profits drive people to do unjust things and the larger the business it seems the greater the excess.  
Buy local. Buy from people you know. Small is beautiful. The generation that liked to preach back to the land and back to nature has forgotten itself. Greed can do that to a single person and it can do it to a generation. Global warming? Heck! We are gonna kill ourselves off a whole lot sooner with contaminated food! The sad part is that we don t have to. All we have to do is open our eyes!  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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