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History The C.O.W.B.O.Y. Way

Of Course I may be jest a little biased, but I figger there are a whole lot of folks out there that are missing out on the best dad blamed history ever was written about Old West Kansas. Guess I should go easy on most of them, cuz it probably is the fault of some boring history teacher back in school days. But I tell ya what! I get comments ALL THE TIME from readers who say they do not even like to read, but when the Kansas Cowboy comes they sit down and read it cover to cover, sometimes without even coming up fer air! 
Yer probably reading this because yer into Cowboy one way or the other. If ya are you are bound to like the Kansas Cowboy. There is enough information in ONE issue to pay fer the $18.67 subscription rate. Heck, anymore that only amounts to pocket change, and yer gonna be hard pressed to find anything in the country that gives ya more entertainment value than the Kansas Cowboy. Give it a try!  
The May/June issue features Blood In The Streets, Early Day Caldwell, Kansas. Growing up on the Chisholm Trail made this trail town one of the wildest in the Old West. Shoot-em-ups filled her history! The streets of Caldwell ran red with the blood of lawmen and outlaws. It IS the classic WEST! 
Kansas In 1876 continues our series of Kansas in each year during the hey day of the Wild & Woolly West. The Western Cattle Trail opened up a whole new route across Western Kansas as the great Texas herds swarmed north in search of gold at the end of the trail. Two Dutch Henrys were stealing hosses and causing great commotion on the frontier. It is history that has never been told the C.O.W.B.O.Y. way! Never Fear! Theres a lot of great history to tell!  
We are celebrating 11 years of GREAT Cowboy stories and just plain fun! Riding with the Yahoos takes a very special kind of spirit. We would appreciate your support in our effort to keep the great Old West stories alive! And if yer looking to spend a little time at the good old Cowboy events around the state ya will not want to miss a thing with the Saddle Tramp Schedule as yer guide. Remember - Never Sell Yer Saddle! 
Looking forward ta seeing ya in the saddle! Jest send in yer $18.67 and you will be set ta go fer a great year of Cowboy history and fun. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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