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There is power in language. Who knows what kind of cultural/technological advances were made when human beings first began to communicate. The spoken word! Stop and think for a moment, I mean REALLY think for a moment what it meant to communicate exactly what you were thinking.  
Words have power beyond our own understanding. We rarely give thought to the great mystery of the spoken word. Words are spoken and life goes on. Worlds are created and destroyed. People are uplifted or they are brought down through words.  
Is it any wonder that we are admonished to choose our words carefully? My parents would never have tolerated improper language. Tread lightly with the resonance that rings from your lips for a blessing can just as easily become a curse.  
A man by the name of Simon Templeton once wrote, The beauty of the word consists in the beauty of the thought; the power of the word consists in the power of the thought, and the power of thought consists in its vitality. Beautiful, powerful words come from beautiful, powerful thoughts. The energy released by the vitality of intent can move mountains.  
Makes me wonder what good could be accomplished if all our thoughts were honorable and all our words respectable? 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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