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Must Be Spring

The last few days have been encouraging. Recent rain and warm weather have combined to the advantage of the early spring grass. The green-up was noticeable by the first of the week. Each day green has begun to take over the dead brown of winter.  
This morning I drove the ol pick-em-up truck out to the pasture like every morning. Two sacks of protein supplement in the form of range cubes were jest about to become breakfast fer my little herd of hungry bovines. A bale of prairie hay rolled up in the familiar round bale was on the bale fork jest waiting to be unrolled.  
A honk of the horn generally brings em on the run. This morn was different. Yeah, they noticed me alright, but instead of the normal stampede fer the feed they just kinda sauntered their way toward the pickup. That ol green stuff had em down right satisfied. Not enough that they were willing to ignore me, but they were feeling purty darn contented. You could see it in their eyes.  
Guess Spring is finally here! Even saw the return of the buzzards yesterday. Now, if we could only get enough rain ta fill up the ponds!  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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