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The latest issue of the Kansas Cowboy continues the tale of Kansas during its infamous days of the Wild West. Kansas in 1875 weaves the story of an evolving cattle trade shifting from central Kansas to way out west at a curious little town they called Dodge City. Like most Kansas cattletowns much of the early years of Dodge is shrouded in mystery but enough history survived to create a most unusual story. The next several issues of the Kansas Cowboy will lead the reader through the legendary years of the Cowboy Capital. All has not yet retired to an agrarian society across the state. Horse thieves still abound. The Sheriff of Ellis County runs up against a tough pair in Stockton. Down Wichita way a family by the name of Earp are making their reputations and way down south on the border with Indian Territory Caldwell is maneuvering to gain a railroad with a plan of becoming the newest cattletown. 
The lead story is about one of my favorite characters of the Old West. He wasnt a Cowboy, but he sure knew how to stir things up on the Santa Fe Trail. Francis Xavier Aubry was one of the most well-known traders on the trail. Yet, his name was nearly lost until I brought him back to life with the idea of the Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race. Aubry and his little yellow Spanish mare, Dolly were rock stars! He wasnt just on the Santa Fe Trail. He traded in Chihuahua, Mexico, and blazed a new trail from California to Santa Fe. He was amazing and his story is more than amazing! Who do you know that could ride horseback with some walking from Santa Fe to Independence, MO, approximately 800 miles in 5 days and 16 hours?  
A Tour Through The Brush is a story about my own little hoss, Moon. Actually, he s Kassi s hoss but she never rides him anymore, so I kind of adopted him. He s a cow hunter! And he proved it hands down when he took me on that little tour to chase down a brushy cow. 
Are you a Yahoo? Do you subscribe to the Kansas Cowboy? Well Why not? If you want to get some REAL history instead of that spoonfed stuff ya get from them so-called Western periodicals then ya owe it to yerself to read the one and only Kansas Cowboy! Jest click on the Join The Kansas Cowboy link on the right and we ll fix ya right up! 
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