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Travel Kansas

Drovers Mercantile has a brand new prominent position on the Ellsworth pages of Leisure and Sport Review otherwise known as LASR. LASR is one of the very best resources for traveling Kansas. I will let them speak for themselves.  
Travel highways and scenic byways that reveal America s history amidst modern vacation highlights. From log cabins to space centers and from Fall Festivals to State Fairs, LASR is your personal guide to exciting events and one of a kind attractions.  
LASR Outdoors invites the adventurist and sportsman alike to discover recreational fun at our land and water resources. Find parks to camp or cabins to rent, go fishing, boating, or hunting, explore nature's wonders while hiking or biking, or marvel at the tallest waterfall on a steamboat excursion. 
Explore LASR and explore the USA! 
Ya want to find out about Ellsworth, Kansas? Just follow this link and LASR will take ya there! Of course a combination of the Kansas Cowboy and LASR would be perfect! Check out our Saddle Tramp Schedule! When ya find a Cowboy event to yer liking a quick trek to that particular town on LASR will give you all the local Attractions, Events and Shops! Ya need lodging. No more wandering around to find a motel. LASR will get you in touch.  
Click on the Join The Cowboy Society link on the right to saddle up with yer own subscription of the Kansas Cowboy. For LASR use the following link to get to Ellsworth!  
Get in the LASR habit. You ll find out more than ya ever thought ya could about traveling Kansas and the rest of the US of A.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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