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Life & Times At Drovers Mercantile

      Once you’ve followed the goin’s on around Drovers Mercantile for a while you’ll get used to all kinds of amazing things that jest don’t happen everywhere! Take this Wednesday fer instance. MDM Studios is settin’ up in nearby Brookville ta shoot a film called The Last Real Cowboy. Michael David McGuire and his star, Wayne Dahring stopped in with some folks from the set to interview The Cowboy for a documentary that follows the development of the film. Movie crews on the streets of Ellsworth are not exactly the norm. You kin be sure we had a lot of fun! These boys are havin’ fun with it, too! They’re even tying a comic book to the film and have the first cover in poster form! Even so, there’s nothin’ new under the sun. Would you believe, The Cowboy has already been seen as a comic book character. Heck! Most people already aren’t sure if I’m real flesh & blood!  
      Sometimes I wonder myself… We’ve talked to the granddaughter of Indian Annie, Wild Bill Hickok’s common-law wife. Met the daughter of horse-thief, Dutch Henry Borne. Last week the grandson of Clint Smith down Texas way walked in. He and his brother, Jeff, were captured by Comanches in 1871 and lived to tell about it. The life and times of The Cowboy and Drovers Mercantile are pert near the stuff of fiction, but I can assure you, its all real. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy


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