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A Dark Moon Rising

We have carried RANGE Magazine at Drovers Mercantile for most of the 11 years we ve been in business. I don t sing their praises enough! The link I am sending is of an article carried in the most recent issue. Everyone should read this piece!  
The future is many things. It is very personal. It encompasses all mankind. The future is what we make of it. The trouble is we sometime relegate the responsibility of the future to others who would plan and mold our future for us. No, most of us do not knowingly put our lives into the hands of social planners with agendas of their own, but with each day their plans are built upon our indifference.  
What is your future? How do you envision your life in 20 years? How about tomorrow? The future is each persons responsibility. Perhaps those of us in rural America should have out own social planning! Why let someone else do it for us?  
Someone most definitely IS planning the future for you and me. I for one have a different vision. Please read these articles from RANGE magazine very carefully. You may have to copy and paste the following link into your internet browser. It will definitely be worth your time. 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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