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Francis Aubry of the Santa Fe Trail

I can t seem to get around to writing something for the Cowboy Commentary. I ve been writing a story for the Kansas Cowboy about the famous trader on the Santa Fe Trail, Francis Aubry. Hes the fellow that was my inspiration for coming up with the idea of the Great Santa Fe Trail Horse Race. In 1848 he rode a relay of horses from Santa Fe to Independence, Missouri in 5 days and 16 hours! Imagine That!  
His story is so amazing! He blazed new trails. He fought Indians. He made huge sums of money. But to me the most amazing part of his tale is his relationship with one particular horse. He called her his little yellow Spanish horse. Her name was Dolly. During his famous ride in 1848 he happened to be riding her when he rode into camp where three horses were supposed to be waiting. Instead his man had been killed by Indians and the horses stolen. He was forced to ride on. Dolly eventually carried him 200 miles in the mud and rain in a span of just 26 hours! Did he ever ride her again? You bet he did! She was always his favorite mount in times that required courage and stamina. She was with him until 1853 when they were attacked by Indians on a return trip from California. What happened? Well, I guess thats the rest of the story& Itll be in the March/April issue of the Kansas Cowboy.  
For now Im getting back to my writing. This stuff is too exciting to stay away from for long.  
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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