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How Can We Thrive?

OK I m gonna try ta be more positive in talking about economic conditions in rural America. I ve come to realize that complaining about the problem isn t going to solve the problem. I ve noted that our politicians don t seem to have any vision when it comes to building a dependable and truly rewarding rural economy, so we will try to offer some ideas and see where it goes. Perhaps we can make a discussion out of it. If you care to comment, please email me. The address is  
First of all, perhaps we need to address the need for a sound rural economy. It would appear that politicians may have lost their way in their desire to appeal to a majority. Favoring the majority would sound like it makes sense in a democracy where the most votes determine the future. But, what has become of the rural population? There are so few votes in the countryside that politicians naturally find themselves favoring the urban perspective. Hence, the lack of initiative on their part to find real answers for rural America.  
I believe in beginning at the beginning. Great works are founded on solid foundations. Ya can t build yer house on shifting sand. So it is with the security of a nation. How long do ya think Wall Street would last without real assets? Perhaps the ability to trade on nothing but confidence has warped not only the traders perspective but the perspective of our leaders. Food, fiber, metals, oil & gas all are commodities that a person can lay his hand on. The underpinning of civilization depends upon these commodities.  
Civilization itself depends upon the successful production of raw commodities that are transformed into the myriad products that insure our survival and give us the wealth that we enjoy as a culture.  
So to build a healthy, vibrant civilization we start at the beginning. Historically rural people have been looked upon as the great unwashed society. Perhaps that attitude accounts for the economic roller coaster that has plagued nations since the first city was established. If we are to establish and maintain a great society we must build it upon a healthy foundation.  
Our first investment should be in rural America. Farms, ranches, timber, mines, and energy should gain our respect and provide a rich life for those that choose to provide the rest of us with those valuable raw commodities. I m not talking about providing payments from the government. At least not in the form that has failed miserably over the past 60 years. How can rural America thrive? That s what we hope to discover. Got any ideas? Send em my way. We ll toss this ball around until somebody hits it. Don t forget 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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