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On The Lone Prairie

Oh, bury me not on the lone prairie, where the coyotes howl and the wind blows free… 
I must confess I have really never understood the words to the famous song. They say it was a favorite song of Cowboys all over the range. It was sung so much that most everybody got plumb sick of it.  
I suppose that the manner of the times held that it was good and proper to be buried in well maintained and manicured cemetery. There, a Cowboy would be remembered. There, his family could visit and tend to his plot. But, for the life of me I could hardly imagine a Cowboy not wanting to be buried out on the open plain.  
KayLynn Philip and Jay Barker stopped by Drovers Mercantile yesterday with a story of one old Cowboy that confirmed my own particular outlook on things. 
Quite a number of years ago the Philip Ranch received a package in the mail. Inside was an urn of ashes with a message. An old Cowboy by the name of Joe Singleton had one last request before he died to be buried on the Philip Ranch where he had worked many pleasant years. 
Joe’s ashes were taken to a quite spot on the top of a hill in the horse pasture and buried next to a limestone post for a marker. Now THAT’S a great ending to a Cowboy life… 
So Long, 
The Cowboy 


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